Biting Femdom

Dominant females enjoy biting their male slaves

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Madame Marissa loves biting her slave so hard that she leaves deep red biting marks of her beautiful white teeth in his skin. You can totally tell that she loves it, because every time her slave moans and even screams in pain she smiles amused. She won’t stop the biting torture until her slave’s whole upper body is covered with painful biting marks.

Today Madame Marissa really feels like biting. The only problem is she can’t decide which body part of her slave she wants to torture. Thus she starts a cruel dice game and leaves it up to destiny which part of the body will get the next bite. Belly, chest, arms, hands, legs and even the slave’s face are at choice. The slave moans in deep pain as the mistress digs her teeth into his flesh. Especially when the mistress dices a couple of times the same body part he really struggles with the pain. The mistress on the other hand loves his pain and tries to make the biting marks worse everytime she bites him.

Madame Marissa bounds her slave to a chair before she starts conducting her mean plan. Her slave seems visibly worried about her plan but the mistress just dominates him and smiles. Now she starts biting his naked chest and belly. She bites his skin so hard that deep red biting marks occur. Her slave moans in pain as her sharp teeth dig into his bare skin. She also scratches him a couple of times to ruin his skin even more.

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