Biting Femdom

Dominant females enjoy biting their male slaves

All articles tagged with "Mistress Katja"

She loves to bite and the screams of her slave caused by it. She fixates him on the couch with sitting on him and starts biting his arm.. he feels the strong pain and cries from it, but that's only the way to make her horny and craving for doing more pain to her slave. He is defenseless and can't escape this position. And with every bite in his soft flesh the pain grows as much as the desire of his mistress to bite him even harder!

Katja smothers her slave under her sexy jeans ass, as she comes to the idea that she could also bite the slave’s hands for even more fun and torture. Powerless from the breath control the slave can’t stop the energetic mistress from biting again and again hard into his palms, arms and wrists. She sits in his face in many different positions and bites him as hard as she can.

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