Biting Femdom

Dominant females enjoy biting their male slaves

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This japanese girl is a sadistic bitch that loves biting. You also thought, you might like biting, watching those wet lips and sharp teeth digging into your skin and leaving bite marks... but now you'll see the other side of the medal! This girl bites the man's cock painfully and links his pain to endless desire. From time to time her beautiful mouth spits on his cock, leaving it wet and oppressed.

She bites him with her sweet but vicious teeth so hard that he starts crying from pain! But this makes her smile, so she doesn't let him go. You can see all the bitemarks and the thin film of spittle on his arms and the red burning marks on it. When she's finished having fun with his arms, she continues with his fingers, and he can count himself so lucky that she didn't break his bones! This sounds terrible!

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