Biting Femdom

Dominant females enjoy biting their male slaves

Madame Marissa found a quite funny game which she'll play with her slave. The next Minutes he has to cope with brutal biting, and the dice will decide on which part of his body he'll collect the next bitemarks. Madame Marissa rolls the dice which shows her the next body part to bite, wether it's the chest, the belly, his arms or legs or his face. It's understandable that he tremors from pain, but Marissa pushes him back into position every time he's protesting.

After he entered the women's toilet by unfair means to get a chance for sneakingly watch women shit and piss, he got caught by the two students that will now practice the rightful punishment in this second part of the clip. He undressed his trousers and gets into a ballbusting barrage. The two students bite his skin and kick his ass and leave him in the worst pain he's ever felt, plus they can't stop giggling because of his tiny dick!

This japanese girl is a sadistic bitch that loves biting. You also thought, you might like biting, watching those wet lips and sharp teeth digging into your skin and leaving bite marks... but now you'll see the other side of the medal! This girl bites the man's cock painfully and links his pain to endless desire. From time to time her beautiful mouth spits on his cock, leaving it wet and oppressed.

This is a special collection of Madame Marissa's best biting clips - the best foretaste of the next to come! You'll get to know her beautiful and brutal teeth that torture her slave nearly autonomous. The clips include biting, dog leashes, a friend of Madame Marissa to share fun with ;-), fixations and looots of pain and bitemarks! Detailed descriptions are with the single clips - give in the title at the search bar: "Heaven & hell biting", "Evil & painful biting game", "Covering his chest with bite marks", "Arm and fingers meet my teeth", "Double biting assault on the bound slave". Have fun!

One of Madame Marissa's favorite customer requests! She'll bite her slave's hand, but only the back of the hand and the side, which is coated with really thin skin as we know. Her slave has to bear concentrated pain when her teeth cave in his weak flesh! Madame Marissa enjoys the awful crying of her slave at the beginning - but the customer asked for 20 more minutes of biting his hand ;-)-

When Madame Marissa ties her slave to the bar stool, he might've thought that he'll get some tete-a-tete with his beloved mistress, but what the hell gives him the permission to think that?! In fact, he receives her attention. But maybe not the way he was wishing for. Marissa starts to bite his chest, his shoulders and his back so hard, that the wounds surely will stay for a week or two! Isn't that enough honor?

Marissa binds her slave's hands behind the big armchair - she wants to make sure he's totally trapped and at her mercy! The she starts to attack his chest with vicious bites. Again and again she slams her sexy sharp teeth into his skin - but she not just bites him! She pulls his skin with her teeth, grinds it between her teeth and just tries to inflict as much pain as possible. In the end his whole chest is covered in bloody-red bite marks!

Charlotte is in a biting mood and her slave Mark is going to have to kneel there and take the pain while she sinks her teeth into his soft skin. She leaves deep bit marks all over his arms before moving on to his fingers and nibbling them while he moans and writhes in agony, but she will not stop until her sudden desire to bit an maim has been fulfilled.

Madame Marissa can be quite cruel and she demonstrates just how cruel she can be by biting this slave. She has a biting fetish and loves to hear slaves cry out in pain when she chews on their flesh and leaves deep bite marks. She really wants to punish this slave so she gets a hunk of flesh from his stomach and bites down hard sinking her teeth into his flesh.

Asian goddess Lisa is lying down relaxing on the sofa when this slave comes in to worship her feet. She catches him licking her toes and decides to punish him. She grabs his arm and starts biting down hard then bites his neck like a vampire. The slave yells out in pain every time she bites him so she keeps biting down harder so she can hear his humiliating cries.

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