Biting Femdom

Dominant females enjoy biting their male slaves

That girl bites his arm till it's wounded! She jabs her big, white teeth into his flesh and has a wild glaze for the watcher like an animal! She takes it slowly and painfully and leaves marks all over his arm... her beautiful face is shown completely in HD so you can see every bit of the torture exactly! She looks straight into your eyes and lets you take part in her game like it was your own arm!

Now Madame Marissa is in mood to take some close ups for you so that you can see what enormous bitemarks she leaves on her slaves arms! She bites him with her extremely sharp teeth until the whole arm is totally textured! Then she takes his fingers. Every single finger gets the same cruel treatment, until they're full of marks, too! The slave's patient because he wants to keep all his limbs!

Emma is biting fingers for the whole length of the video! You can watch her perfect teeth taking every finger, one by one... look at this seductive glaze in her eyes, how can such a pretty face cause so much pain? But she knows that you secretly love it.. and she will take enough time to make the pain come slowly, that's so adorable to watch her causing pain!

The two friends Weronika and Sylwia love biting each other and others. They enjoy the pain and causing pain to one another. You will see their sexy teeth piling in the soft skin of their slave and all the marks their sharp teeth leave! This looks so sexy that they simply can't stop, and that's good for you, 'cause you have enough time to imagine what they would be able to do to you, if this was your arm!

Madame Marissa is totally in love with biting her slave, who's lying tied on her bed. But don't think this will gonna be fun- at least not for her slave! He screams loud from all the pain, until she shuts his mouth close so he doesn't disturb the neighbors. The poor guy has to endure some trampling and is hardly able to breathe when Madame Marisssa stomps on his larynges.. then she continues biting, because he thought this has makes fun for her to surprise him that way!

She bites him with her sweet but vicious teeth so hard that he starts crying from pain! But this makes her smile, so she doesn't let him go. You can see all the bitemarks and the thin film of spittle on his arms and the red burning marks on it. When she's finished having fun with his arms, she continues with his fingers, and he can count himself so lucky that she didn't break his bones! This sounds terrible!

Two girls and one and the same desire- one loves to bite, other one loves to get bit! So polish lady Sylwia bites her friend and shows her little teeth. You can see all the bitemarks she causes with this greedy little mouth, and her friend is visibly in pain. Like a vampire she sucks her arms and fingers, grinning to her friend. You have a close look on her face!

She loves to bite and the screams of her slave caused by it. She fixates him on the couch with sitting on him and starts biting his arm.. he feels the strong pain and cries from it, but that's only the way to make her horny and craving for doing more pain to her slave. He is defenseless and can't escape this position. And with every bite in his soft flesh the pain grows as much as the desire of his mistress to bite him even harder!

Today Madame Marissa really feels like biting. The only problem is she can’t decide which body part of her slave she wants to torture. Thus she starts a cruel dice game and leaves it up to destiny which part of the body will get the next bite. Belly, chest, arms, hands, legs and even the slave’s face are at choice. The slave moans in deep pain as the mistress digs her teeth into his flesh. Especially when the mistress dices a couple of times the same body part he really struggles with the pain. The mistress on the other hand loves his pain and tries to make the biting marks worse everytime she bites him.

This clip shows our dark eyed Polish Mistress biting the arms and hands of another girl. Like a vampire the cruel mistress tortures the skin, leaving the print of her teeth all over the other girl’s arms and hands.

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