Biting Femdom

Dominant females enjoy biting their male slaves

Watch this clip to see me biting my slave hard and slowly. I will open my mouth as wide as I can and bite his arm. Then I hold on to his skin with my sharp teeth for a while. When I’m done with his arm and it is all red from biting, I will taste all of his fingers as well as his thumbs. You can see the biting marks of my sharp incisors afterwards.

Katja smothers her slave under her sexy jeans ass, as she comes to the idea that she could also bite the slave’s hands for even more fun and torture. Powerless from the breath control the slave can’t stop the energetic mistress from biting again and again hard into his palms, arms and wrists. She sits in his face in many different positions and bites him as hard as she can.

Madame Marissa bounds her slave to a chair before she starts conducting her mean plan. Her slave seems visibly worried about her plan but the mistress just dominates him and smiles. Now she starts biting his naked chest and belly. She bites his skin so hard that deep red biting marks occur. Her slave moans in pain as her sharp teeth dig into his bare skin. She also scratches him a couple of times to ruin his skin even more.

Alice’s girlfriend has a very very strong sleep. Alice decides to wake her up by inflicting some pain. Thus she starts biting repetitive in her girlfriend’s body. She likes biting her hands, fingers, leg and feet. When her girlfriend wakes up will she wonder where all those bruises and little sting like marks come from ;-) ?

Take a close look at this Styrofoam cup and I'll show you what I can do with my teeth. Watch in this biting clip how my shark, white teeth bore through this cup and how they leave lots of deep marks in this soft material. You can of cause always imagine that this Styrofoam cup was your arm or something else ;)

Young Mistress Sarah loves to torture her victims with her sharp teeth. This time slave Mark has to suffer from her biting love. She bites him for 14 minutes in his arms, hands and also fingers. Sarah bites so hard that her teeth leave hereby deep red and blueish biting marks in Marks skin. Eventually Sarah opens her mouth for the camera so you get a good view of her biting tools.

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